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About Furnace End Market and Car Boot

Furnace End Market and Car Boot is now on every Bank Holiday Monday as well as every Sunday (March - December). Established over 30 years ago this is one of the Largest Bank Holiday Markets and Car Boots in the country! Set across a 40 acre site (grass and hard-standing) and attracting hundreds of stall holders from all over the country along with thousands of members of the public.

We offer a large site for Market Traders and Car Booters for optimised selling and buying results!

No matter what your looking for your guaranteed to find it at our market, old or new, you name, we've got it! From.. Kids toys and games, clothes, underwear (New!) trainers, sportswear, furniture, TV's, fridges, microwaves, stereo, perfume, all electrical equip, key cutting, mobile phone unlocking, repairs and accessory's, carpets and rugs, tools, toiletries, household cleaning, antiques, garden furniture & ornaments, paint, jewellery, Musical instruments, computer games (PS4, Xbox 1, PC, etc), games consoles, computers, DVD's, lawnmowers, power/hand tools & hardware, towels & bedding, kitchen utensils, office supplies, scented candles etc, fishing tackle, pet food & supplies, Plants and flowers, fruit & veg, eggs, sweets & confectionary, pushbikes, prams, petrol scooters / quads. Not to mention the AA, RAC and SKY signups. The absolute A-Z of everything and all at bargain prices!!!

How to Find Furnace End Market and Car Boot

Springfield Farm, B4098, Nuneaton Road, North Warwickshire, CV10 0QU.

Furnace End Market and Car Boot information

Bank Holiday Mondays only. (NOT Open 1st January)

Entry Fees Car Boot Fees

60p Admission

Under 5's free

Cars: £10                    £12 4x4/People Carrier
Free Car-Parking Car & Trailer: £13
  Small Van: £13
  Medium Van: £17
  Large Van £20

As you are aware it is an offence to sell fake or counterfeit merchandise, i.e. Tapes, CDs, DVD's, Perfume or Clothing. We will not tolerate it on this market and you will be asked to leave immediately. If you see anyone selling such items please ring 07775 813295 or 07837 012397 immediately.

Is the site safe and accessible?

We operate to the very highest standards. Our sites are kept safe by our Security Team, these members can be found patrolling the market throughout the day. Please always remember these events are in FIELDS so there will always be natural hazards and uneven ground in some parts, so please take care underfoot, YOU are responsible for your own well-being in this respect. The land owners and management cannot accept any responsibility for personal safety matters.